In Andhra Pradesh

The Closure of Christ for All in Andhra Pradesh

I write with sadness to announce to you our decision to wind down the operations of Christ for All over the coming year.  This decision has certainly not been an easy one, and has been the result of a lot of careful thought, prayer and discussion. Many of us on the committee, and many, many more of you, our supporters, have been involved in the Charity and therefore with the work of the Christian Service Unit for a very long time – even since Christ for All began supporting Azariah 35 years ago. We are therefore very sorry that we are no longer able to sustain our support of the work in India.


Over several years, our financial situation has worsened, as we have outlined in the past few AGM meetings and some newsletters. Furthermore, our capacity to respond to the new guidelines, procedures, safeguarding and monitoring and evaluation checks which – rightly so – have been put in place by our government  demand a time commitment which we as a very small committee are unfortunately not able to give.  It is also important that, as with all missionary and development work, the running of an organisation such as the CSU can become as indigenous as possible.

We have therefore voted unanimously as a committee, and again amongst those present at the AGM in May this year, to dissolve the Charity Christ for All in Andhra Pradesh.

Of course, we do not intend to leave the Christian Service Unit in the lurch and withdraw our funding suddenly. We plan to take a year to wind down our operations, finishing completely in May 2019. We hope that this will give Franklin and his team enough time to adapt their budget, and pray that other doors will be opened for them locally, to fill that funding gap.  We have pledged to Franklin to send our regular transfers up until the end of April, and will also transfer any remaining funds to the work of the CSU then. We hope and would be very grateful, therefore, to continue to receive your faithful financial contributions up until the end of March 2019.