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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

The day starts early in rural India, and the children in the Gollapudi hostels roll up their sleeping mats as the sun rises beyond the paddy fields. After a cold wash, they meet to pray and sing songs. Coming from all different religions, some accept Jesus as their Lord; others consider Him in their own way among their many Hindu Gods or alongside their Muslim beliefs. All enjoy the fellowship of a loving extended family.

IMG_3222Hostel BoysThe boys and girls join each other from their separate accommodation to walk to the nearby government school. Money from the CSU pays for an extra teacher there to ensure that the children are all able to attend, learning their lessons from a chalk board and scoring impressively well in their end of term exams. Some stay only to gain a primary education, while others go on to complete their secondary studies and some are even supported into university.

Arriving back at the hostels in the afternoon, the girls wash their clothes by the water pump (the boys have theirs done for them). They then settle down to their homework, sitting in rows on the dusty ground in the hostel yard. They move into a circle for a dinner of rice and vegetable curry, before indulging in a game of kabadi or chase, and then turning in for the night.
There is an infectious sense of joy and a touching camaraderie within the hostels. The children of all ages quickly adapt to the welcoming environment, learning to live together and help each other as they grow into confident, capable young adults.

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Would you like to sponsor a child?
Sponsors contribute as much or as little as they are able in order to support a child in India through Christ for All in Andhra Pradesh with a minimum of just £7.50 a month.
If you would like to, or you would like more information, please contact our Child Sponsorship Secretary