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John Mark writes:-

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are happy to come to you with a brief update of news from the CSU, Khammam.

News April 2016

CSU builds another new village Well April 2016

well providing clean safe water

to a small village community



Nurse April 2016

Among the participants at a recent course run at St Mary’s Hospital was Madhavi. It was a six month Health Aid Course sponsored by the Church of South and supported by donations from CFA. Of the 23 who enrolled for the course 13 completed it successfully.

Among the successful participants were 2 young widows with young children. One of these was Madhavi aged 22 who comes from Manuguru Village

Her husband was a driver who was killed in an accident 5 years ago. At that time she had 2 children who are now aged 9 and 7 and attending school. Before she was   accepted on to the course Madhavi and her 2 children faced an uncertain future. After completing the training she had the opportunity to get a job, and has the       confidence to run her family and face the challenges in her life. She is now employed at St. Mary’s Hospital to help with the new trainees and assist in the Hospital clinic.

A life was changed and a young mother enabled to provide a stable future for her children.

6 others participants have already found jobs in Private Hospitals and are receiving a regular monthly salary of between Rs. 3,000/- and Rs.5,000/- (£30- £50)

The second course once again with theory classes followed by practical work has now commenced. So far there are 15 enthusiastic participants all of whom are from rural area with very poor backgrounds and among them 3 Muslim girls and one young widow.

News February 2015

Ministry for Children:

‘The New Boys’ hostel at Gollapudi has been built at a cost of Rupees 40 lakhs dedicated recently and is called Angel House”

Angel boys hostel

Angel boys hostel

This project was carried out with partnership funds from the Angel House Project, Hyderabad (an International NGO with their representative office in Hyderabad which supports the construction of children’s homes in our State).

There was great excitement when new beds, mattresses, school bags and stationery items were given to 100 boys.

Joint activity for Shanthi School Children and Gollapudi hostel children. 

At the end of last year 25 Students and 3 Teachers from Shanthi High School, Khammam had an opportunity to visit Faith Home for the Aged and the Children’s Homes in   Gollapudi.

Shanti School & Gollapudi Children

Shanti School & Gollapudi Children

The Khammam children distributed fruits and were able to sing some songs to the residents of Faith Homes. They whole-heartedly enjoyed their time with them. Then they visited the Children’s homes. There they greeted each of them being called Akka (elder sister) and  Anna (elder brother). They played Khabadi & Kho-kho in the play ground and then a Bible game for all the children divided into 5 groups. It was a most worthwhile time.

New Rural Health Clinic

New Rural Health Clinic


Rural Health Clinic –  A new small 2-room building to be used as clinic-cum-living quarter for the  resident nurse has been built and opened for use at Mamidigudem village.

A Sewing Machine

sewing machineSome of our work is on a very small scale but is still important. For example we were able to provide a sewing machine to a lady near our office.  Her husband left her and she and her two very young children are now living with her mother.

News September 2014

Thank you Lord, for the showers of blessings!

In the early part of this year we asked for your prayers for rain. Now we give thanks to God for graciously sending the monsoon rains that have touched our state- though belated- bringing great relief to many. We still need more rains to fill the reservoirs and ponds, so that farmers can take up their agricultural activities.

But despite the welcomed rain there is always a great need for wells to provide a reliable clean supply of water. Old wells also need  maintenance and repair.Picture1

John Mark and villagers pray at the newly repaired open well in Nagulwancha village. The Christian Service Unit constructed the well in 2007. In 2010 the side of the well   collapsed due to an earthquake.

Grateful thanks to Paramjeet Singh and St.Lawrence Church, Darlaston and Robert and Janet Cureton, as well as others who helped provide the funds for several new wells.Picture2


Many CFA supporters already sponsor a child at either the boys or girls home in Gollopudi.

Gollopudi Boys Home

Gollopudi Boys Home

The homes, serve children from all backgrounds and are Christ centered, Church based and Child focused. They aim to provide the children with adult supervision in a safe and loving environment where they have the opportunity for social, spiritual and academic growth.


New Girls at the Girls Home

New Girls at the Girls Home

After serving their purpose well for 25 years and helping many hundreds of orphaned and needy children to settle in good careers the physical condition of the boys home has deteriorated until it is now no longer in a sound condition.

The CSU has started efforts to build a new home for the increasing number of children.

Just over 60% of the funds needed has been raised from local sources and the work is already well in hand.

The remainder of the money has still to be found. If you would like to know more or help provide the funds to pay for a water tank, a door or window frame or a septic tank do contact a member of the committee.

Some renovations attended to

During the last month we have been able to attend to some renovations in Gollapudi. In the Girls hostel a roof has been provided for the toilets area, making it safe from the menace of monkeys. The small and old roof of the Poor Feeding Centre was replaced with a proper and larger roof making it more convenient and safer for the daily distribution of food. The compound wall around the play area of the Boys’ hostel behind the Church has been repaired following some damage.

Thank you, Friends !!

John Mark

John Mark

 All the Children of our Homes, residents of the old people’s homes, handicapped centers, staff workers, pastors and their families, school teachers, and the staff of the Bible School are extremely grateful to God and to all the Board members of the CFA, the FOCI, the POF, the MEF and to the church elders, and all the supporters for your prayers, love and generosity.

God has been gracious & faithful to us. So are you all. We are all greatly indebted to you. Please continue to remember all the ministries in your prayers.

With regards and greetings.

Yours in Christ,

John Mark